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Adequate Bookkeeping is one of the foundations of a business. This is not only important for tax and compliance purpose, this also provides insights into the operations of the business. It requires discipline and technical skills. For smaller business set up without limited or no dedicated resources for bookkeeping, things can get really messy. This can be expensive and time waster for the management. We offer flexible, cost effective bookkeeping services which frees up a lot of management time. This means they can focus more on what is important, the underlying business.

  • Implementing cloud based accounting systems (MYOB/QuickBooks/Xero)
  • Integrating with other software (e.g EFTPOS)
  • Payroll Management– compliance, set up, processing pay runs, payment slips, PAYG summaries, WorkCover, super, FBT
  • Inventory, Debtors, Creditors management
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