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Quick Group Solutions are a specialist tax, accounting and advisory firm, based in Dandenong, in the south-east Melbourne. Whilst traditional accounting, taxation & compliance services are our core, we make real difference in providing value adding business consulting and advisory services.

Australian Taxation regime is complex and fast changing. Our expert knowledge in relation to taxation help our clients to save cost and be compliant. A significant portion of our advice revolves around legitimate tax minimisation strategies.

We bring the sophistication of big corporate and accounting firms to our smaller clients. Doesn’t how big or small, we design and implement accounting and reporting system to ensure timely and meaningful flow of information.

Many problems are caused by poor structures. We often come across poorly structured but good businesses. That is why it features prominently in our first meeting with a new client.

Our highly skilled team of professionals assist our clients as their virtual finance managers giving them access to cost effective, value adding business consulting and management services.

Adequate Bookkeeping is one of the foundations of a business. This is not only important for tax and compliance purpose, this also provides insights into the operations of the business.

Starting a new business requires courage, careful planning, passion and commitment. Whilst the future can be really rewarding, you are most likely to go through a challenging and demanding initial phase.


We are an entrepreneurial, specialist tax, accounting and advisory firm, based in Dandenong in south-east Melbourne. Originally established in 2009, we have quickly emerged as a stand out ‘one-stop’ service provider to our growing client base operating in various sectors.

Whilst traditional accounting, taxation & compliance services are our core, we make real difference in providing value adding consulting and advisory services. These service lines encompass business start-up consulting, business planning, tax planning, structuring, growth management, business buying, selling, merger, marketing strategies, deal negotiations, cash flow management, financing, cost control and efficiency improvement, business management tools and systems development, process automation, risk management, coaching, training and mentoring.

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Structure Related:

  • I am new, what is the most appropriate structure for me ?
  • Am I getting maximum tax advantage from my current
  • Is my current structure ATO compliant?
  • Is there any better option for me?
  • Can there be any Capital Gain Tax shock in future?
  • Do I have maximum flexibility in terms of income
  • Can I use my losses against future profit for tax


  • How is my future cashflow looking?
  • Is my saving really working for me?
  • How do I build an investment portfolio?
  • Should I buy or build a business or buy in as an equity partner?
  • I already have a few branches, should I add some more?
  • Do I have reasonable understanding of economic and demographic trends?
  • Are my assets protected?
  • Do I have appropriate personal insurances?


  • Do I have necessary info to measure how my business is performing?
  • Do I have necessary tools, processes and systems? Are they automated and integrated?
  • How is it performing against industry benchmarks?
  • Is my business compliant with regulatory requirements?
  • How do I manage my payroll, bookkeeping and accounting issues?
  • Is my business ready for sale or succession planning?
  • How do I enhance the value of my business?


Chanchal Mandal

Chanchal Mandal

Lead Consultant- Tax, Structuring & Compliance


Jeremy Methorst

Jeremy Methorst


Mo Sadique Ifti

Mo Sadique Ifti

Tax Consultant


Palash Biswas

Palash Biswas

Accountant, SMSF Consultant & SFSF Auditor

CPA,MIPA, M.Comm(Acc), BBA

Razana karouni

Razana karouni

Admin / Accounts Officer


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